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Model RS-100

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Data sheet

Weight225 kg
Mechanism inner width180 mm
Max. diameter of branch cutting (fresh and soft wood)80 mm
Max. diameter of branch cutting (fresh and hard wood)70 mm
Max. diameter of branch cutting (dry and hard wood)60 mm
Intra-rampart spacing100 mm
Blade thickness10 mm
Toothed wheel diameter180 mm
Housing thickness20 mm
Cutting blade versionStal HARDOX typ 500
Inlet hopper62/38 cm
Chopper dimensions with folded inlet hopper length / width / height130 / 80 / 160 cm
Fuel tank capacity3.8 l (benzyna bezołowiowa 95)
Fuel consumption2.1-3.3 l/h
EngineLIFAN 188FD 13 HP OHV Four stroke
Length of branches cut (4 blades)9-18cm
Length of branches cut (6 blades)7-14cm


RED DRAGON  RS-100 STANDARD  mobile roller chopper fitted with four-stroke 13 HP engine. The shredder is designed for processing of wooden waste and branches with a diameter of up to 8 cm in case of operation with combustion/electric engine or up to 8 cm. Processed wood is an effective and organic fuel, ideally suited for burning in all types of central heating furnaces.

The chopper has been completely designed and developed by REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY. Completely expandable welded structure providing proper rigidity and resistance. Cutting mechanisms manufactured precisely on CNC machining centres from one assumption to provide proper quality, accuracy and axis alignment which translates into long service life of sub-assemblies and the entire device. Blades of cutting mechanism are made of HARDOX abrasion resistant steel guaranteeing long and effective operation of the machine.

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